17 July 2008

Exciting Times

I don't have any new cards to show you, but I've had a very exciting week. The Pope is in Sydney for World Youth Day 08 and he arrived at Barangaroo by boat this afternoon. I'm lucky enough to work in one of the buildings directly behind Barangaroo. My desk overlooks the water. As I'm so high up (Level 20), I couldn't really make out the Pope from the crowd, but I got to see most of what was going on and thought I'd share it with you. Here are some of the boats a couple of hours before the Pope arrived - I guess they were going over to meet him, but can't be sure about this.
Here is a picture of the boat that the Pope arrived on. You can see his Popemobile waiting for him just beside the other car at the dock.
I know the footage on the news is (a lot) better than these photos, but it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement in Sydney at the moment. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.

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